Climatik CTF-100 voted the UK's best Tower Fan- beating Dyson!

The Best Tower Fans

The Best Tower Fans
 Updated 12 November 2021


Whether you are constantly battling discomfort with room temperature, trying to circulate some air, or need the white noise to sleep, tower fans are a great addition to every room. If you’re unsure of which fan best suits your needs, don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Here are our top picks for the best tower fans:

Climatik 43-Inch Tower Fan

Climatik 43-inch Cooling Tower Fan | Internal Oscillation with 3 Speed Settings | Includes Remote, 7-hour Timer With Three...
by Climatik
£69.99  & FREE Delivery

Worth splashing out

Standing tall at 43 inches, this nifty tower fan brings a natural breeze to a stuffy room.

This tower fan by Climatik is just the thing to shake up the air in a stuffy room. Packed with great features, you’ll benefit from three fan speeds and three wind speeds, plus remote control, a seven-hour timer, and a lightweight design. Move this tower fan around to wherever you need it most, and enjoy a cooling breeze to make your space more inviting.

Dyson Fan and Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Fan and Purifier
by Dyson

For blade-free cooling

With an upgraded blade-free design, this Dyson fan will not only cool your space but help purify the air as well.

This Dyson fan is the pinnacle of healthy, happy and cooled air. It removes dust and up to 99.95 per cent of allergens, giving you fresh air no matter the season. 

This fan has a remote control and learns your air to purify and cool to your specific needs. The bladeless design allows the fan to circulate cool air to all parts of your room, no more waiting for an oscillating fan to turn your way to feel a cool breeze. 

This Dyson fan stands about 40 inches tall and has a smart design that will allow you to place it almost anywhere in a room. Whether you want it centred for optimal airflow or tucked in a corner for a smooth look, this fan is sure to save you from the heat.


Igenix Mini Tower Fan

Igenix DF0020 Mini Tower Fan, 12 Inch, 2 Speed, Oscillating, Quiet Operation, Ideal for Desks or Bedside Tables, Home or O...
by Igenix

Perfect for offices and guest rooms

This mini tower fan is a great choice for cooling spaces that are smaller or less frequently used.

Home offices can get tight and cluttered easily, leaving little to no room for a full-sized fan. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for your work, and this Igenix mini tower fan ensures you won’t.  

This fan stands 12 inches tall and oscillates 60 degrees, making it a great space saver and convenient to place on a desk, side table or even under your desk to keep your feet cool. The fan also has three speed settings so you’re never too cold or too hot. 

With a low-noise design, this fan is perfect for allowing guests to say cool and still get adequate sleep. It also won’t serve as a distraction when you are working or reading. 


Igenix Digital Smart Fan


Igenix DF0038WIFI Smart Digital Tower Fan with Amazon Alexa, Voice or App Controllable, Ultra Quiet Function, 36 Inch, 8 S...
by Igenix
£79.99 & FREE Delivery

For technology lovers

This smart fan is the next best addition to your smart home; pair it with your Alexa for easy cooling.

Aside from cooling your space, this fan’s main priority is to make your life easier. Pair it with your Alexa for voice control or in-app control, enjoy its ultra-quiet design, choose from three wind modes and eight speeds, use the eight-hour timer for energy conservation and sleep better with its sleep mode. 

The wind modes available with this fan are: normal, natural and sleep. These modes give you a unique experience helping you stay cool when you need it. For all over cooling, the fan has oscillating abilities. 

This slim and extremely customizable fan comes in three colours, so you can enjoy all of its perks without the downside of a fan that doesn’t match your style.


Bionaire Ultra Slim Tower Fan 

Bionaire Ultra Slim Tower Fan, Silver
by Bionaire

For compact cooling

A fan that will cool efficiently without getting in the way.

This Bionaire fan mimics nature’s wind patterns, and is as natural as you can find with its small stature. Breeze mode allows the fan to randomly switch between speed settings to mimic an outdoor breeze.

The fan also offers a sleep mode, which gradually alternates from high, medium then low speed throughout the night. To ensure your whole room stays cool, you can use the oscillating function on the fan with all modes. 

A bright and easy-to-read LED display helps you to navigate simply between modes and speeds. This gives you ultimate control of your fan and the temperature in your room. 

Dimensions of this space saving fan are 94x10x12.3 cm.


Igenix Oscillating Fan


Igenix DF0030 Oscillating Tower Fan, 30 Inch, 3 Speed Settings, 2 Hour Timer with Auto Shut Off, White
by Igenix
£32.99 & FREE Delivery

Keep cool without breaking the bank

A basic, easy-to-use tower fan for all your cooling needs.

If you love simple and traditional fan designs, this Igenix fan sticks to the basics and has a price tag your pocket will love. 

This fan features a simple three-speed setting, oscillating ability and a 120-minute timer. All functions are button operated at the top of the fan for easy and quick setting changes. 

You can shop this fan in white and black colour options.


FAQs: Best Tower Fans 

Do fans also have a heat option?

There are some fans that are dual-use for heating and cooling, however, it is not the standard. If you are looking for a combination of both be sure to read the product description and reviews to ensure it has both functions. 

Do I have to use a timer with my fan?

Many fans come with timer options, but they are not mandatory to use. If you don’t want to risk waking up to a hot room and your fan standing still, turn on the fan and leave the timer off with confidence. 

Will a tower fan make my room cooler?

Tower fans are great options for cooling off your room. Fans push cold air out into your space, creating a breeze and lowering overall temperature. You can alter how cold your room will get by changing the fan speed.


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